One of the most significant motives to start over is because you might want to do it to your own good. I know this is extremely difficult to believe but I actually feel I can safely say I want to do it for my health. You see, I only had surgery and I now need to take birth control pills to control my fertility. These are things I could not have done before I began having kids, because I was not on the pill when I had them. Now I will need to give up all that I love because I am not able to be fertile without taking the pill.

I would need to give up old ways of thinking and rather find out new ones to change my entire life. Here is the only way I could ever hope to possess the child I want. I am going to change my habits and be sure I never go back to these bad habits again. Article: Jay Shetty Articles on

Imagine if I started over in my relationship with my husband? It has been several years since I managed to talk about anything relating to the problems I had been having with our connection and now I am going to finally be able to do so.

Another fantastic reason to start over is because I need to have more cash to make my new life work. I am not going to be able to afford to have another child so I have to have another child. I have also spent too much time at the office, working as a salesperson, and as a secretary. Rather than spending all that time doing that I should be spending it with my loved ones.

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I’ve always had a job, but I always felt like I had to have more income in order to get more freedom in my own life. Now that I’m going to be starting over there isn’t anything wrong with this, but I am now going to need to learn how to spend money on another scale. I would like to be a house business person again and I want to do things differently than I did earlier.

There are just so many reasons to start over. The only thing which makes me worried is the fact I don’t have any idea what I am getting myself into. I have to be totally ready to go into this completely confident.